Little Red Barn member Matthew Day got a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas one year and his brother Nathan joined him for his first brew day - they were both hooked instantly.  Turns out their good friend Greg Hoffman had been a homebrewer for many years and the Day boys wanted to tap into Greg's knowledge and experience.  It wasn't hard to convince another close friend and craft beer lover, Nils Johnson, to join up and start their own brew club.  After a few stovetop brews they decided they wanted to go bigger - Nils' father (of the same name) had an old horse barn available for use - he was immediatley declared the CEO and the system was built that is still in use today.

Now the Little Red Barn Brewers are looking to take things to the next level, and hopefully with your help and support the homebrew club can make the transition to micro-brewery, sharing some tasty beers along with the fun and friendship that goes along with everything the LRB does!
From left to right:  Gregory "O'Keefe" Hoffman, Nils Johnson, Nathan Day, Matthew Day
  1. Greg Hoffman
    Greg Hoffman
    He's not old, he's "EXPERIENCED"
  2. Nils Johnson
    Nils Johnson
    Making Beer SEXY . . . Dead SEXY
  3. Nate Day
    Nate Day
    The Bearded BrewMASTER
  4. Matt Day
    Matt Day
    I. Like. BEER!